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2020 Season Wrap Up

The 2020 maple season was a good but interesting season. The yield per tap as well as the syrup quality were both better than the 2019 season. Sap runs were down in March but higher in April. Sap sugar content averaged 2.1, for comparison in 2019 we averaged 2.4.

2018 Update, Season Begins Early

We completed tapping on January 28th with lots of ice and very little snow on the ground. The sap ran today at 30%, we tested the sugar content and it measured at 1.8 Brix. We fixed a few leaks today, two of which were due to bear damage.

2017 Season Wrap Up

We finished up the last of the boiling last week and today we have started pulling taps. We had a good year and we are very happy with the quality of the syrup and butter we made.

2017 Pre Maple Season Update

We are eagerly preparing for this year’s maple season. Our first run last year was toward the last of February. We should be tapping approximately 2 weeks from now, and hopefully catch that very first run of sap . We can hardly wait!!

2016 Season Update

The theme for this year is early start and a big lull. Still better than shoveling. We had our earliest start ever mid February and the best run ever during the thunder and lightning storm the 1st week of March.

2016 Pre-Season Preparations

We’ve had a busy summer and fall making repairs and improvements to our operation. We had some bear damage and we have raised the lines another foot at least to hopefully avoid shoveling lines for weeks on end, like we did in 2015 due to the record snowfall.

Snow, Snow & More Snow

Alec paid a visit to the sugar camp on Tuesday March 17th, as you can see from both of these pictures that after our last storm on Sunday/Monday a lot of the main and secondary lines are buried.

Maple Trees Are All Tapped!

The maple trees are all tapped but Alec is still digging out the lines. Lots of snow in the woods, however snowshoeing conditions have improved. Sap ran a little today but not enough to fill the evaporator. The sap sugar content measured at 2%.